University Social Responsibility 

The Universidad Santa Paula is characterized by its sensitivity to the entire environment related to Human Development and its commitment to respond to society about the reality of people with disabilities or special needs. 

We are

Carlos Acre

Director of University Extension 

The Universidad Santa Paula is characterized by its sensitivity to the entire context related to Human Development, and its commitment to respond to society concerning the reality of people with disabilities or special needs.   

We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility, as a means of human and social development, from our philosophy to our core business. Our program is designed to respond to vulnerable or underserved populations: older adults, people with disabilities, abandoned children, and rural areas with limited resources, among others. 

The work of the University Extension and Outreach set up by the Universidad Santa Paula, is done through various strategies such as University Community Work (TCU for its name in Spanish), Practices in the Community, Health Fairs, Therapeutic Support Units (UATS for its name in Spanish), Program Immediate Care Respiratory Equipment (AIRE for its name in Spanish), Occupational Integration Team (EIO for its name in Spanish), University of Experience, Palliative Care and National Emergency Care and special actions. 

Carlos Arce Director of University Extension 

Historically, the University has been characterized by the human formation of its professionals and precisely one of the main tools are the various extension activities that are carried out in various communities and social organizations in the country, benefiting thousands of Costa Ricans, with the contribution of professionals and students of the University of all our careers. 

Practices in the Community

This is an action that is immersed in the programmatic content of the careers and that has as its main foundation the benefit of the Communities and/or Companies, where actions are carried out at the first level of health care (health promotion). An important aspect to highlight is that the student has in this modality the first possibility to contact his potential employers, companies and patients. 

Golden Hearts

The University serves the elderly directly on the University Campus through the Golden Hearts Program. The objective of this program is to benefit the elderly population through socialization and exercise. It was established in 2003. 

As for the physical area: Development of Physical Activity with a control of vital signs, exercise outside the water and inside the water. 

As for the social area: Activities are carried out to promote togetherness between older people, such as the celebration of birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Senior Citizen’s Day. 

For more information contact our manager: 

Ledys Aragón / (+506) 2216-4400 ext. 350 / 

Health Fairs

Another outreach strategy is to hold health fairs in companies and communities that require it. These are attended by professionals and advanced students in our careers, which integrally benefits the target population in aspects of health promotion and intervention, supported by the required professional support. 


University Community Work (TCU)

Allow the students of the Universidad Santa Paula to contribute to the development process of Costa Rican society. Its participation will be carried out with interdisciplinary activities, with the study, solution of national problems and of communities in particular that promote in the student body of this Institution, the social sensitization by means of its interaction with the problems of the national reality of the Costa Ricans, besides to feedback and to enrich the university task to the needs of the current society. 

Previous TCU: 

Addressed to: Guayabo community of Bagaces. 

Number of participating students: 34 

Number of beneficiaries: 622 

Next date: 

I TCU of 2020  

Addressed to: Golfito, on Tuesday 28th April to Friday 01st May. 

For more information contact our manager: 

Braulio Chaves / (+506) 2216-4400 ext. 263 / 

Jessie Montes de Oca / (+506) 2216-4400 ext. 261 /