Editorial Santa Paula

Editorial Santa Paula is an academic and legally autonomous entity. Created in 2006 with the contributions of the Universidad Santa Paula, its main function is to edit and disseminate cultural, academic, and educational thought in the fields of philosophy, science, literature, and the humanities through books, and others types of publications, and make them available to universities, and human development. 

The purpose of this project profile is to offer the university community and the national university sector an institutional communication strategy to strengthen knowledge management and dissemination processes through the promotion, edition, and distribution of scientific works, cultural and artistic quality, and social interest. 


Dissemination of cultural, academic, and educational knowledge, and thought in the fields of philosophy, science, literature, and the humanities, through the promotion, edition and distribution of scientific, cultural, and artistic works of quality, and social interest. 


To be an editorial specialized in the area of health and human development that is consolidated as a benchmark for the university education sector in our country. 

General objective: 

Stimulate intellectual production and the dissemination of knowledge through the publication of printed or digital scientific, literary, and artistic academic works aimed at strengthening culture.