Carolina Solano Career Director

Speech Therapy

Bachelors: 2 years and 8 months 

Licentiates: 1 year and 4 months 

The Speech Therapist is the professional who assumes responsibility for the prevention, assessment, treatment and scientific study of human communication disorders and their associated disorders.    

The evolution of the profession of the Speech-Language Therapist reflects a progressive increase in the areas of intervention of this professional. It has also been possible to see that, from a profession limited to the treatment of speech and hearing disorders, there has been a move towards a broad conception of areas and fields of action. Currently, there are Speech Therapists working in all age groups of the population and in educational, health and media centers, among others. 

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our website and our Speech Therapy School, here you will find our curriculum and information about Universidad Santa Paula, which is characterized by being a leader, a pioneer and a specialist in all our careers. 

The career of Speech Therapy is made up of two academic grades: bachelors has 32 subjects and licentiates has 16 subjects, lasting 4 years. Our team is made up of experienced teachers trained to provide updated and necessary tools for their professional performance. 

Speech therapist in Universidad Santa Paula is a professional with theoretical, practical, technological and vocational skills to assess, diagnose, prevent and intervene in people throughout their life cycle who require empowerment or rehabilitation of communication, language, speech, voice, swallowing and orofacial motor skills. It also promotes leadership, ethics and interdisciplinary work, as well as research in different areas in order to support the development of the profession in practice based on clinical evidence. 

The Speech Therapist works in institutions such as educational centers, hospitals, clinics, care centers for children or elderly, universities, research centers, among other companies that require the services of a Language Therapist, both private and public sector. 

I invite you to visit us and learn more about our career. 

At your service 

Lic. Carolina Solano Rojas 

Director of the Speech Therapy School. 



El Terapeuta del Lenguaje graduado de la Universidad Santa Paula es un profesional del área de la salud el cual es formado desde un enfoque integral humanístico con gran respeto por la diversidad y que responde a las necesidades de la sociedad.

Es un profesional en la salud y la educación que se encarga de la orientación, investigación, prevención, evaluación, detección e intervención de las áreas del lenguaje (oral-escrito), el habla, la comunicación, la voz, deglución y motricidad orofacial en niños, jóvenes, adultos y adultos mayores.

El terapeuta del lenguaje dispone de un conocimiento para atender a todas las poblaciones con cualquier dificultad para comunicarse lo que puede ser generado por diferentes causas como las neurológicas, estructurales o anatómicas de los órganos fonoarticuladores, causas genéticas o hereditarias, causas Síndrómicas, cronopatías, o causas de tipo sensorial.

  • Hospitals (Mexico, HNN, CENARE, INS, CIMA, among others) 
  • Public and private schools/centers with regular or special education. 
  • Rehabilitation centers. 
  • CEN-CINAI (Children’s Centers for Education, Nutrition and Integral Care) 
  • PANI (institution that safeguards the rights and conditions of minors in Costa Rica) 
  • CECUDIS (Care Networks) 
  • Public and private hospitals. 
  • Public and Private Clinics. 
  • Homes for the elderly. 
  • Children’s Day Care Centers. 
  • Own private clinics. 
  • Government institutions. 
  • Research and Study Centers.