Mitzy Vado Directora de Carrera
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Respiratory Therapy

Bachelors: 2 years and 8 month  

Licentiates: 1 year  

Respiratory Therapy is a specialty of the Health Sciences that under the medical direction is in charge of diagnostic and intervene in a therapeutic way for patients with respiratory system involvement and/or healthy but with risk factors of lung disease. It is based on a systematic and interdisciplinary approach oriented to the needs of each individual. Respiratory therapy incorporates elements of pneumology, rehabilitation, advocacy and critical medicine. 

Who is the Respiratory Therapy professional? 

It is a professional who promotes, prevents, diagnoses, treats and rehabilitates people with acute, chronic or degenerative diseases that compromise the cardiorespiratory system. 

It is my honor to greet you and welcome you to this website. 

In this page you will find all the necessary information to know the School of Respiratory Therapy of the Universidad Santa Paula; here you will be able to have access to: the studies plan, the profile of entrance and exit, labor fields, activities of extension and update and direct access to ask for information on payment methods, among others. I hope that this information will allow you to get to know us better and will be very useful to you. 

Our academic objective is to consolidate innovative professionals in Respiratory Therapy, with vision of future and socially responsible, who respond to the scientific and technological advances and the epidemiological profile of the Costa Rican population, in the field of cardiorespiratory health. 

Remember that breathing is essential for life, so a timely diagnosis, effective therapeutic action, guided recovery or, even better, preventive action and health promotion, will be indispensable in your professional performance 

Thank you for trusting us and being part of human development, and of a pioneering, leading and specialized profession; that second by second supports the breathing of each person from birth to death. 

 Mitzy Vado Ch., RT 

Certified Respiratory Therapy 

  • Public and private hospitals and clinics. 
  • Intensive care units 
  • Emergency units 
  • Pre-Hospital Care Units 
  • Businesses and occupational health 
  • Medical equipment companies 
  • Private consultation 
  • Non-governmental organizations 
  • Health promotion programmes. 
  • Sleep clinics 
  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center

What professional activities do you perform? 

  • Health prevention programmes 
  • Diagnostic Evaluations 
  • Research 
  • Teaching 
  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation 
  • Home care 
  • Consultancies 
  • Equipment Sales 
  • Custodial care 
  • Elaboration of didactic material 
  • Administration of respiratory therapy services. 
  • Entry profile
  • Graduate profile