Erika Cyrus Career Director
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Physical Therapy

Bachelors: 2 years and 4 month  

Licentiates: 1 year and 4 months 

Physical Therapy is a health profession framed within human development and dedicated to the study and application of Human Motor Physical Actions, the use of natural forces and physical elements all developed from various fields including health promotion, prevention of (injury/disability) and recovery of capabilities through rehabilitation. It is characterized by the search for the adequate development of the functions produced by the human body systems from birth to the last stages of life and that are manifested in actions that integrate the relationship and insertion of the individual with the social and environmental environment. 

The aim of Physical Therapy is to seek the integration of the individual with the social and environmental environment through optimal functioning in their physical motor and sensory actions, which will allow the human being to assume different roles in society throughout his existence, optimizing the quality of life and social development. 

Physical Therapy is a profession in the area of health, framed within human development that provides services that develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional capacity of people through the evolution and assessment of function, clinical reasoning and the use and application of electrophysical agents, therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, and specific techniques of the profession; Working in the areas of health promotion, prevention, treatment / intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation. 

Our profession helps people to maximize their quality of life, observing physical, psychological, emotional and social well-being. At any stage of life, when movement and function are threatened by aging, neuromusculoskeletal injuries, inherited and/or acquired diseases, functional disorders, conditions, injuries or environmental factors. 

We believe in quality training and this is supported by the fact that this is the first Physical Therapy course accredited by SINAES in the country. We have large and modern laboratories, an updated documentation center, our own clinic and highly qualified specialized teachers with vast experience and career in their professional field. We have exclusive Masters in Physical Therapy and specialization courses that will allow you to advance, differentiate yourself and provide your future patients with specialized attention.

At the School of Physical Therapy, our educational work is focused on training and updating cutting-edge professionals so that they can play a leading and active role in the search for alternatives to solving health problems and responding to the functional and health needs of the members of society. 

We welcome you to Santa Paula University and the Physical Therapy Career, where you can learn and train as a future Physical Therapist, develop your skills and competencies, polish your vocation and achieve your goal of professional training. 

My person and the team of the Physical Therapy Direction will accompany you on the way. 


Erika Cyrus B., PT, M.Sc, Ph.D. 

At the end of their studies the Physical Therapist will have the necessary skills and competences to face the needs of the context and society. 

Some of the specific skills of your profession include:

  • Mastery of all the techniques and procedures for conducting examinations specific to your discipline. 
  • Adjust to the limitations of the environment and make the most of the existing resources 
  • Decision-making with respect to relevant and emerging evaluations to be carried out 
  • Skills to formulate diagnoses of the individual and collective physical-motor capacities and performances of the human being. 
  • Ability to infer about the intervention and elucidate about the prognosis of a human physical-motor problem. 
  • Use therapeutic exercise in pursuit of viable and satisfactory human kinetic development. 
  • Discern the modifiable factors of human kinetic functioning. 
  • Master all procedures in favor of human kinetic development, manifested in the health of people. 
  • Evaluate, refer and care for people susceptible to acquire predictable diseases. 
  • Develop and promote outpatient and home services. 
  • Properly prescribing physical agents and electrotherapy according to the condition of its patients. 
  • Public health establishments, clinics or private centers. 
  • Rehabilitation center 
  • Sports clubs and gyms (sports physiotherapy 
  • Educational institutions, companies or workplaces. 
  • Aesthetic medicine centers and plastic surgery clinics.